Hindi for Class 8th (CBSE)

By : Sandeep Kumar Tirunagiri
Class : Class 8
Subject : Hindi
Language : Hindi
Service Type : Courses


  • Hi, I am Sandeep Kumar. I have a BA degree in Hindi along with B.Ed. I also have 8 years of teaching experience.
  • My course on the platform is Hindi for Class 8th CBSE students.
  • Content will be provided through recorded videos to be uploaded twice a week.
  • Doubt solving sessions will be conducted once a week to clarify the doubts raised by the students.
  • After completion of the course, the students will have full understanding of their Hindi syllabus including every topic of Hindi grammar and literature.

Highlights of the Course

  • The course is prepared keeping in mind the understanding level of students of class 8th and therefore teaching is done in simple language.
  • Content delivery is interesting and indulging by the use of real life stories to retain attention.
  • The aim is to complete class 8th Hindi syllabus in 6 months
  • Worksheets are also provided to the students as a part of their home assignment.
  • 7 days 100% refund policy available to every student.


INR 599

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