Nutrition and Diet Free Session

By : Edufuture
Course : Nutrition and Diet
Level : Beginner
Language : English/ Hindi
Service Type : Live Classes


  • Heyaa! Health is a very important be it mental or physical.
  • But usually youngsters mess up their diet by searching on Google and asking the wrong people for help
  • .Our diet now decides how healthy we will be in future.
  • It’s never too late to start, get healthy and join our webinar on “Diet & Nutrition”
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  • Attend the Free Session on November 19th 2022
  • Session will be conducted between 5pm to 8pm

Highlights of the Course

  • Hello students, what a delightful day! Well to make it more interesting and helpful for you, Edufuture brings you a Webinar on “career guidance and counseling”.
  • Now this isn’t your usual webinar where a counsellor will come in and ask about your favourite subjects and help you choose the perfect fit for your future. T
  • This webinar is to make you understand that you can opt for more than just academic subjects and those options can help build your professional life( from cooking music, developing games) You don't need to opt for math’s or science every time for a better future, there are way better things!



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